November 2009

From the Director

Every day customers are calling your contact centre and assessing the service experience. They’re also being approached by your competitors, offering a better deal. Chances are they will also check out your offering prior to making a change.

How well your company performs on this touch point is critical to reducing customer churn. Getting an external and independent assessment of your company’s selling experience is the only real way to see if you are matching the best companies in providing a great selling experience.

CSBA has been assessing the customer service of over 150 clients for over 10 years. If you would like to find out how we can help you, please call us on 1800 358 081.
Paul van Veenendaal

Balanced scorecards for Customer Service provide the right ingredients for successful companies.

Too many times we see Grade of Service (% of calls answered in 30 seconds) as a leading measure of Customer Service. This is an incredibly misleading indicator of and rarely has any link to the provision of great customer service. In fact it can do the exact opposite and force agents to provide poor service in order to get to the next call faster.

So what is a balanced scorecard for Customer Service?

Economical. Comparable. Effective.

If you are a member of an industry association, CSBA is able to provide an economical way to find out your company's Net Promoter Score, why your customers gave you the rating they did, and how your score compares to that of other members of your association.

Participants can share their individual information if they wish or remain anonymous, but everyone learns how their overall association performs and their relative place in it.


1 Plan Australia
2 Coliban Water
3 University of Adelaide
4 University of Western Sydney
5 Wannon Water
6 GWMWater
7 Shire of Kalamunda
8 Mildura Rural City Council
9 ActewAGL Retail
10 Flinders University

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September 2009

It's All About Performance

We help improve our clients’ performance every day. By focusing your organisation on your customers and their needs, your customer satisfaction and loyalty will increase, providing cost savings and increased revenue. Increased performance means increased satisfaction.

We maintain a strong customer focus within our own organisation, so that we can provide you with the best service. In order to maintain our high standards we have recently expanded our teamwith four new staff: Vipin - Reporting Manager, Julian - Data Analyst, and Simren and Janina - Trainee Project Officers.
If you’d like to know how well you’re performing, call us on 1800 358 081.

Paul van Veenendaal

We want to be a Customer Centric organisation, but how do we get there?

This is a question often asked when organisations see the necessity of being organised around customer needs, rather than the historic way they have evolved, which tends to be around processes.

If management asks you how well your IVR performs, what can you say?

By Barry Daniel, Principal Consultant, Barry Daniel & Associates
Interactive Voice Response (IVR) systems are generally wonderfully reliable, chugging away processing huge volumes of routine transactions in call centre related environments.
But how do you know whether your IVR performs really well?

  1. University of    Queensland
  2. University of Adelaide
  3. Flinders University
  4. Coliban Water
  5. Plan Australia
  6. University of New South Wales
  7. ActewAGL Retail
  8. OXFAM
  9. Sydney Water Waterfix
  10. University of Western Sydney

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July 2009

Improve Customer Service and Drive your Business Results

We help our clients to understand, measure and improve their customer service, with the ultimate aim of reducing the cost and increasing the revenue associated with customer management.

We recently assisted one of our clients who had been measuring their call centre results but was unsure of what the metrics really meant to their business. We helped them to tie their financial results to customer satisfaction and employee performance. We achieved this through ensuring that the right customer and employee satisfaction data was being collected, including call monitoring, customer survey results and daily metrics. We then utilised our extensive analysis tools to track and predict the success of business and marketing efforts.
At the business level this resulted in reduced call handling times, increased employee efficiency, and increased sales close rates in their customer call centres. These results dramatically impacted on brand loyalty, marketing campaign success and their bottom line.

If you would like us to help you achieve great customer service results that positively impact your bottom line, call us on 1800 358 081.
Paul van Veenendaal

Dial F For Frustration at Service

Karen Collier | Herald Sun 20 June 2009

MOBILE phone companies, airlines and banks have been exposed as the worst at answering queries in a secret survey of industries.

But charities scrounging for dollars in the contracting economy turned on the charm and rated best, according to the research.
Angry customers are waiting in phone queues for up to an hour as customer service is put on hold, while rude operators have been accused of mocking accents, interrupting callers and bamboozling them with confusing language.

Customer Service Benchmarking Australia managing director Paul van Veenendaal estimates Australians waste 20 million hours a year on hold.

What is critical to the Bank is making sure that our vision is translated into action and performance. The work carried out by CSBA allows us to really test, on a continuous and independent basis, how the vision is translated both across the channel and across centres. We then use the CSBA information to train and coach our contact centre teams. This work has had significant impact on our ability to improve performance.“

Customer Service
Manager, Bank

Gain strategic advantage through customer service benchmarking
The Fund Executives Association Limited (FEAL) is at the forefront of a new customer satisfaction benchmarking survey for Australian superannuation funds that provides a true customer focus for the industry. One of the world's leading experts on brand management, Professor Mark Ritson, says "While most fund executives grasp the importance of member satisfaction, the reality is that maintaining true member focus presents a difficult challenge”.

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