WA Auscontact – Customer Journey Mapping # what you need to know # Mapping results into action & tools


In recent years there has been a lot of talk around Customer Journey Mapping.  It is becoming a very important program for anyone thinking around how they can understand and improve the customer experience when dealing with an organisation.

In this workshop we will have the team from CSBA provide us with an overview of Customer Journey Mapping.  Robyn Reilly, from CSBA, has been conducting Customer Journey Mapping projects for Clients for over 6 years.  The Journey mapping has been in in both public and private sector.

Customer Journey Mapping – A practical overview of what Customer Journey Mapping is and what it is not.  How to conduct and tools and tips for a successful program.

For further information please contact paul.vanveenendaal@csba.com.au on 03 9605 4900.

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