CSBA FEAL Superannuation Customer Experience / NPS Benchmarking

Recent CSBA research showed that 20% of Members indicate some likelihood of changing funds in the next year, with the top reasons:

  • seeking better financial performance
  • changing jobs, or wanting to consolidate their super into another fund
  • looking for a better customer experience.

With Customer Experience (CX) a key factor that funds have complete control over, it makes sense to invest in understanding how your fund performs and where the opportunities to improve exist.

 The insight you need to improve Customer Experience and Retention

  • Each year CSBA interviews more than 12,000 Superannuation fund Members and Employers, to independently assess and benchmark customer experience across the industry. All superannuation funds are welcome to participate in this program.
  • CSBA also provide tailored research and consulting services to funds to measure and improve Customer Experience.

Over 40 funds have participated in the Superannuation CX / NPS Benchmarking program (conducted with FEAL and Melbourne Business School) over the past 10 years, with funds consistently rating the program highly.

Program overview

Program registration – 2018-19

For enquiries, please contact David Laffin, Research Director Financial Services and Superannuation, at david.laffin@csba.com.au or 03 9605 4921.

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