Together with LGPro (Vic) we’re co-hosting a series of training seminars to help local government employees hone their empathy and resilience skills.

About the program

In an era where your customers are more likely to be vulnerable than ever before, the risk of burnout for those on the front line of customer service is high.

This three-part seminar series provides practical guidance on how to respond to customer interactions with compassion and without compromising your own wellbeing.


Flexible course structure

Module 1:Empathy and resilience on the front lineFriday 6th Nov, 10am – 11:30am

Module 2:   Empathy profilingFriday 13th Nov, 10am – 11am

Module 3:   Personal resilience and stress managementFriday 20th Nov, 10am – 11am


Download the brochure –  CSBA Training – LGPro Empathy and Resilience Seminar Series

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