One of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘what do we need to do to create a customer centric culture’?


While there are lots of books dedicated to this topic, many of which focus on systems and processes, in our experience there are five key ingredients:

1. Support from the top

Support from the top is essential, but it is a two way street. While your CEO and Executives are likely to support the idea of customer centricity in principle – they will also need your support in order to champion it. Easy to understand reports, that tell a story will prove invaluable to both you and them.

2. Bring everyone on the journey

Customer centricity requires everyone, from the top to the bottom, to share the same vision. To achieve this, you need to bring everyone along with you. While it can be tedious, seeking feedback and input at every stage is the most effective way to create sustainable change.

3. Listen and learn – from customers, staff and vendors

Feedback is the breakfast of champions. Customer feedback provides critical insights into how you can evolve and improve. Feedback from staff is equally as important – they are your eyes and ears. And last but not least, the knowledge and experience of your vendors can give you a competitive edge. Consider them partners and actively seek their advice, experience and suggestions.

4. Contextualise your data

Without context, data is just data. You need multiple measures to assess your performance; to blend operational data with key performance metrics, to gather information from both internal and external sources. And, you need a credible, independent benchmark to assess your performance against, in order to understand how you compare to others within your sector as well as other sectors.

5. Focus on the things you can control

Typically, 50% of a customer’s experience is influenced by factors that you can’t control (price, policy, regulations etc). Focus on the things you can influence and improve, and don’t rely solely on customer feedback to assess your performance. Measure the markers of experience that are within your control – Success, Ease and Sentiment.


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