People are at the heart of everything we do here at CSBA. We love to see them flourish and strongly believe that personal and professional growth and knowledge should be embraced, shared and celebrated.


Celebrating the work of frontline agents

As part of our CSBA Awards program, each quarter we’re ask our SenseCX clients to nominate members of their team for the CSBA Most Customer Focused Agent Awards – it’s just one of the ways we can celebrate personal growth and development. The winners of the Quarterly Awards will then be eligible for CSBA’s Agent of the Year Award. It’s just one of the ways we can celebrate personal growth and development.

All three of our Most Customer Focused Agents this quarter are clearly dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to their customers. These hardworking agents show a genuine commitment to ensuring their customers are getting exactly what they need.

Tony from Ku-Ring-Gai Council has been there for his customers throughout the last few months – literally! Despite the potential risk, he has manned the counter at council, ready to assist residents and follow up to make certain his customers get what they need. Likewise, Fayez as Nissan Australia is not only dedicated to providing exceptional customer service to his customers, his new team leader, Sharon, is adamant his knowledge of systems and processes has made the induction process for new team members at Nissan much more effective, therefore allowing them to focus on their customers. Then there is Kaylene from Hunter Water, who truly went above and beyond to help an elderly resident overcome an issue that could have had profound consequences for the customer. Read about how Kaylene helped below.

CSBA congratulates the Jan-March 2021 Most Customer Focused Agent Award winners 

Tony Lim

During the heavier part of the pandemic, everyone in the office at Ku-Ring-Gai Council started working from home. Tony, however, remained front facing every day, with no complaints despite the risk his work entailed. Tony always works above and beyond his station and always has the resident’s best interested at heart when finding out information for them or assisting them with making requests. He always follows up with his residents without the need for prompting, which according to his co-ordinator, Jason, is just part of how he enhances the experience of every customer he connects with. The nomination was received from Jason Dowel, CS Co-Ordinator

Fayez El Laali

Fayez has been nominated for a number of reasons, having really stepped up to the plate over the last few months. During the pandemic, the Nissan team had quite a few new starters, some who are based in New Zealand, and Fayez was crucial in providing support to the team. Then as the quarter progressed, Fayez was on hand to assist with the onboarding of Sharon, the team’s new manager. Sharon says: “Fayez has been a great support to me by answering all my questions, managing his own case load, and still providing his customers with exceptional service. Such an asset to the team!” The nomination was received from Sharon Jabbour, Team Leader

Kaylene Bessell

Kaylene recently received a call from an elderly customer who required a refund as quickly as possible. The customer did not have access to the internet, or the ability to attend an office, and did not understand how she could provide evidence for the overpayment. Despite her best efforts, Kaylene was unable to provide the customer with a suitable solution. The customer was extremely distraught and Kaylene approached her team leader, Kellie, after identifying a grey area in Hunter Water’s processes and a possible situation where they could be flexible. They discussed the possibility of attending the customers property to collect a screenshot of the payment and provide some education around future options. After speaking further with the customer, Kaylene attended the property in work time and talked her through the refund process. She also took the time to set up an ongoing direct debit to eliminate any future issues for the customer. The customer was extremely grateful and very impressed with Kaylene and Hunter Water for providing such excellent service and being flexible to her needs.

Later, Kellie spoke with the customer after Kaylene attended her property to get her feedback on how Hunter Water could further improve their services to members of the community who may not have access to the internet or transport. The customer advised she would be “shouting from the rooftops about Hunter Water and how far they went to assist her” and became teary when discussing how grateful she was to be considered and assisted in this day and age.

By using the SenseCX framework throughout the interaction, Kaylene was able to identify the customer’s concerns and act. Well done Kaylene for going above and beyond to assist your customers and thank you CSBA for providing us with the tools and principles to best manage our interactions.

The nomination was received from Kellie Dunning, Team Leader

Nominations are open for the April – June 2021 Awards

We’re currently accepting nominations for the April – June 2021 Most Customer Focused Agent Awards and encourage all of our clients to nominate agents and frontline staff whose work deserves to be celebrated.

The awards are about celebrating the members of your team who work to create better customer experiences and nominations can be based on a variety of different reasons including:

  • Excellence in the use of a specific SenseCX measure.
  • Consistent improvement in SenseCX assessment scores.
  • Embracing a SenseCX behaviour for the first time – moving the dial away from 0%!
  • Sharing tips or information with the team about how to achieve specific SenseCX behaviours.
  • Embracing a new technique or behaviour to enhance the experience for customers.
  • Handling a complex enquiry really well.
  • Showing a genuine passion to improve a customer’s experience.
  • Transcending customer expectations – going above and beyond for a customer.
  • Finding the perfect balance between people and process for the good of a customer.
  • Showing real leadership and judgement to reflect your organisation’s customer-focused culture or customer promise.
  • Stepping up to report an issue that was impacting customer experience.
  • Finding a creative and/or innovative way to solve a customer’s problem.

To nominate a member, or members, of your team simply complete this nomination form.

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