We have been seeing more and more companies seeking to become a customer centric organisation. So what does this mean?  We believe it is almost impossible to separate the principle of customer-centricity without factoring in technology and corporate culture. After all, customer experience success can hardly be maintained if it’s not at the core of a company’s operating fabric.

So when we were asked how we would define a customer centric organisation we came up with the following ‘Six Cs’:

  1. Clarity. Clarity is something that every leadership team should have. Without a clearly defined purpose, strategy and message, you will find it difficult to connect to your customers – and engage your staff.
  2. Commitment. Commitment is about showing that you are willing and able to invest the time, effort, people, and financial resources to do what it takes to deliver and improve your performance – not just in the short term, but year in, year out.
  3. Connectivity. This is about working across the organisation, taking an end to end view and keeping everyone up-to-date on the progress of what everyone does every day.
  4. Capability. Making sure that people have the right skills, are given the right tools and knowledge and are trained and supported to provide great customer service.
  5. Consistency. A consistent voice is imperative across various touch points, content and channels because it defines your brand ‘voice’ and makes you more credible and trustworthy.
  6. Cohesion. This is the ‘glue’ that describes what it is like to work here, the everyday practices and the shared values that everyone understands is  really important for the company. It’s that little bit extra that helps day to day but really makes a difference in emergencies or in service recovery.

We have developed a useful checklist to help identify and plan what can be done to move your organisation to being more customer centric. If you would like to know more please feel free to contact us for a chat.