Introducing A New Way To Measure Customer Experience

Introducing A New Way To Measure Customer Experience

20 years ago, when CSBA first started measuring customer experience, it was all about time, connect time, call duration, getting to an answer as quickly as possible. Customer servicing was a cost, something to be managed down.
Customer’s expectations are rising exponentially;   They want their query resolved the best way, not just the fastest way. They want it to be easy, they want it to be consultative.  They want to be treated like an individual.  Our Customers expect the best from us, they’ve challenged us to look for a more contemporary approach to training and assessing the Multi Channel Customer Experience of today. 

Given the rapid shift in customer expectations we’re seeing we think that makes a lot of sense…Introducing SenseCX.

SenseCX raises the bar. The SenseCX approach:

  1. Brings to life the latest research about customer experience and reflects the ever increasing needs of your customers
  2. Is based on the latest customer research by both CSBA and the industry
  3. Is overwhelmingly the preferred interaction customers want
  4. Doubles the measures previously captured by our widely used quality program
  5. Provides measures that are actionable by you and your teams
  6. You can start it at anytime and run it for as long as you want
  7. Online dashboard reporting available within 24hrs of an assessment

SenseCX provides you with the platform you need for training, quality assurance and mystery shopping that lets you raise your customer interactions to the next level.  It makes sense.

Download more information here or call CSBA on 03 9605 4900 to talk to us about how we can help.