CSBA’s Customer Service Index

Each quarter CSBA assesses over 250 organisations to provide the Customer Service Index. The top performers per quarter are listed in the newsletter via industry and overall. But what does this mean and how do we come up with the top performer each quarter ?

CSBA’s Customer Service Index is calculated using the Customer Service Grid. The Customer Service Grid assesses an organisation’s performance based on a customer’s overall experience from when they are searching for information to ultimately having their enquiry resolved.


CS Grid

Annoyed Quadrant (upper left)
Annoyed Quadrant highlights experiences where callers have had their call quickly and correctly answered (Getting Through), however have received inconsistent service through an Agent not properly engaging them or resolving their query in the right way (Service Delivery).

Dissatisfied Quadrant (lower left)
Dissatisfied Quadrant reveals areas of poor customer service as callers generally felt irritated with their experience. Calls either dialled out, were only answered after excessive waiting times or were not answered appropriately (Getting Through). Lengthy connect times (4+ minutes) also means callers were unable to receive the service they initially called for. Callers can also become increasingly frustrated with Agents who deal with them in an unacceptable way or were unable to effectively resolve their query (Service Delivery).

Satisfied Quadrant (upper right)
Satisfied Quadrant is where callers were relatively pleased with their overall experience. Their calls generally were answered within a reasonable timeframe, and they were greeted warmly and correctly (Getting Through). Agents also ensured they dealt with the caller in the appropriate manner, and all their enquiries were adequately resolved (Service Delivery).

Restless Quadrant (lower right)
Restless Quadrant is where callers become increasingly frustrated with their initial experience as a result of having to wait for their call to be answered or transferred (Getting Through), despite eventually dealing with an Agent who was personable and promptly resolved their query (Service Delivery)