Tertiary News

Congratulations UTS:INSEARCH
2016 ATEM Award winner for
‘Excellence in Telephone Customer Service’

CSBA presented the much coveted award for ‘Excellence in Telephone Customer Service’ to UTS:INSEARCH at the ATEM Student Service Centre Conference in Perth on June 1 – 3.
CSBA are pleased to announce that UTS:INSEARCH is the first pathway to participate in the program and awards, and we are delighted to congratulate them on winning the overall award against all other participants. Each participating institution was contacted by telephone from February through to March and simple questions were asked to determine how effectively the institution met its callers’ needs. Calls were rated using different criteria that reflect the service quality of each call. The results were then collated and the winner revealed.
CSBA is a proud sponsor of the ATEM SSC Conference and the theme of this year’s Conference was “Navigating change in Higher Education – how do we provide high quality customer service in an ever evolving environment?” 
The conference gave participants the opportunity to share best practice through fabulous key note and concurrent sessions.


UTS:INSEARCH is the leading provider of English Language education and pathways for the University of Technology Sydney.
It has been teaching English to international students for more than 25 years. It is this experience and commitment which makes it a leading English language provider in Australia, and supports its strong reputation globally.  Today, UTS:INSEARCH not only offers its Academic English program in Sydney, but also collaborates with partners to deliver English in China, Korea, Indonesia, Myanmar and Vietnam.
UTS:INSEARCH’s vision is to bring university success within reach of more people around the world.  It does this because education plays an important part in our society and world, not only in helping individuals to learn, create and pursue new opportunities, but also in empowering them to help others.
To support this commitment to excellence and manage the growth in its student population, its Sydney Operations team – which includes Student Admissions, the Student Centre and Student Events and Activities  – have been undertaking a continuous improvement program and developing innovative solutions to ensure their service is of a high standard, and is continually evolving.

The team has developed a new service philosophy, based on caring, accountability, responsiveness and empowerment which is encouraging this continuous commitment to excellence.

Online enrolment and first call resolution – the key to improving student experience

In the biannual round of the syndicated Student Enrolment Satisfaction study the big improvement driver was online enrolment and speed of resolution. Perhaps in the age of digital disruption this should not come as a surprise to anyone, but what might be of interest is the disparate experience students report depending on their college or faculty.

The CSBA program runs in Feb/Mar and July/Aug to coincide with the key intake periods on most campuses.  The program contains two elements – a mystery shopping component where trained CSBA operatives conduct phone, email and face to face “mock” enrolment related enquiries as well as an online student satisfaction survey.  The satisfaction survey provides rich insights into which aspects of enrolment are working well, and what areas there are for improvement.

For further information contact Lisa Calandro, Business Development Manager on 03 9605 4900 or download a copy of the prospectus 2016 Student Customer Experience Index (SCEI) Prospectus