People are at the heart of everything we do here at CSBA. We love to see them flourish and strongly believe that personal and professional growth and knowledge should be embraced, shared and celebrated.


Celebrating the work of frontline agents

As part of our CSBA Awards program, each quarter we’re ask our SenseCX clients to nominate members of their team for the CSBA Most Customer Focused Agent Awards – it’s just one of the ways we can celebrate personal growth and development. The winners of the Quarterly Awards will then be eligible for CSBA’s Agent of the Year Award. It’s just one of the ways we can celebrate personal growth and development.

All three of our Most Customer Focused Agents this quarter are clearly dedicated to providing outstanding customer service to the customers of the organisations they work for. These hardworking agents show a genuine commitment to ensuring their customers are getting exactly what they came for.

Beata at Curtin University is on the journey towards mastering the SenseCX framework. Lily MacDonald, her team leader says: “We are very proud of you, Beata, and happy that you are on board with our QA model!” Samantha at ActewAGL was recognised for a call where she was responsive to the frustration her customer was experiencing and stepped up to ensure their issue got resolved, once and for all. Sia Kaira, Samantha’s team leader says Sam is “an asset to the contact centre and ActewAGL.” Meanwhile, Heather Winter, the CSC Co-ordinator at Western Sydney University, nominated Luke, an agent who worked his way through what could have been quite a tricky call between a prospective student and their father. Heather talks about how Luke is resetting the standard at Western.

We agree! Congratulations to Beata, to Samantha, and to Luke. Read more about their stories below.

CSBA congratulates the Oct-Dec 2020 Most Customer Focused Agent Award winners 

Beata Larcombe


Beata has been working in customer service roles for many years and as we all know, sometimes learning new ways of working and changing long instilled habits can be tricky. Initially Beata was nervous about implementing the SenseCX measures into her phone calls, but according to her team leader and nominator, Lily MacDonald, it has become increasingly evident that Beata is making genuine efforts to embrace a new approach.

Lily says of Beata, “when she successfully uses a SenseCX measure on a phone call, she will glance at the coaching team with a big, proud smile on her face!” On a recent phone call, Beata provided her customer with a solid pathway for further assistance and a great professional sign-off, which was met by a loud cheer of encouragement and delight from nearby coaches and Manager.”

Like most people who make a career out of serving customers, Beata is known for always having the students’ best interest at heart. She is passionate about providing quality service. Lily says, “We are very proud of you, Beata, and happy that you are on board with our QA model!”

The nomination was received from Lily MacDonald, Team Leader

Samantha McInerney


Sam is a valued energy expert in the ActewAGL contact centre. Sam’s phone manner is consistently positive, always offering a warm greeting. More than that, she doesn’t hesitate to go above and beyond to reach the best outcome for both the business and customer.

Her team leader, Sia Kaira, spoke of a recent call where Sam excelled at providing a customer with a great experience. The customer was very unhappy about receiving an excessive gas bill. Sam could hear the frustration in the customers voice and decided to take ownership of the call right away. She offered to investigate the issue and identified the meter had been recording incorrect data. Sam offered to escalate the issue to the network provider who could verify the integrity of the metering data. The process normally requires a photo of the meter to be attached to the request however due to the customer’s frustrations and multiple attempts to locate her gas meter to no avail, Sam explained that she would submit the request and see what could be done. The network distributor replied confirming the gas meter was faulty and that a meter replacement was in order. By being carefully attuned to the customer’s cues, and using her knowledge of the issue, she put the person before the process. As a result, the customer was not only very happy with the outcome but relieved that Sam had taken the time to listen, and to take ownership of the issue right to the end.

Sia says, “I’m very proud to have you working in my team, Sam. You’re an asset to the contact centre and ActewAGL. Well done and keep up the great customer service.”

The nomination was received from Sia Kaira, CSC Team Leader

Luke Kleu




Until recently, Luke had been working in another area of Western Sydney University and has only just returned to the Customer Service Centre. This is the time of year when all universities are incredibly busy, and Luke was working on the day that the Doctor of Medicine offers were released. This is a very intense day for Western as it is a highly competitive course and students are under a lot of pressure to get a place.

Luke spoke to a father calling with his son to double check he hadn’t received an offer. A parent calling with their child can be tricky to navigate as there are potentially issues of privacy and independence, not to mention managing two sets of expectations. The student was obviously upset to have not received an offer and his father equally disappointed.

Heather Winter, the CSC Coordinator at Western, tells us how Luke took the time to build a rapport with his customers. He was able to establish that the young man had numerous offers to various universities across a variety of disciplines. From here, Luke was able to guide the conversation with both of them down a different path, about options, career choice and development, and about how to decide which course he would really enjoy studying – not just which course was most prestigious. Heather says, “at the end of the forty-minute conversation, the father said how appreciative he was that Luke had taken the time to thoroughly discuss the situation.”

This exceptional level of customer support not only takes time and effort, more importantly, it takes empathy, a genuine desire to understand each customer’s unique needs and to the best for them. On this, Heather says “Luke is resetting the standard here at Western.”

The nomination was received from Heather Winter, CSC Coordinator

Nominations are open for the January – March 2021 Awards

We’re currently accepting nominations for the January – March 2021 Most Customer Focused Agent Awards and encourage all of our clients to nominate agents and frontline staff whose work deserves to be celebrated.

The awards are about celebrating the members of your team who work to create better customer experiences and nominations can be based on a variety of different reasons including:

  • Excellence in the use of a specific SenseCX measure.
  • Consistent improvement in SenseCX assessment scores.
  • Embracing a SenseCX behaviour for the first time – moving the dial away from 0%!
  • Sharing tips or information with the team about how to achieve specific SenseCX behaviours.
  • Embracing a new technique or behaviour to enhance the experience for customers.
  • Handling a complex enquiry really well.
  • Showing a genuine passion to improve a customer’s experience.
  • Transcending customer expectations – going above and beyond for a customer.
  • Finding the perfect balance between people and process for the good of a customer.
  • Showing real leadership and judgement to reflect your organisation’s customer-focused culture or customer promise.
  • Stepping up to report an issue that was impacting customer experience.
  • Finding a creative and/or innovative way to solve a customer’s problem.

To nominate a member, or members, of your team simply complete this nomination form.

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