Our Values

Why CSBA? We are Customer Service Benchmarking Australia – we have a proud history of running National benchmarking programs.  We recognise it is a bit of a mouthful – so we tend to call ourselves CSBA.  We are naturally curious.  Our passion is to understand, measure and improve customer service in order to help our clients be more successful. We do this by understanding our clients’ strategies and aspirations and the performance our clients want to achieve. We then develop programs, conduct customer research, measure and assess performance and provide training to enable our clients to deliver outstanding service.

We began operations in 1997, and now operate nationally across a variety of industry sectors. These include: Telecommunications; Financial and Insurance services; Utilities, Tertiary Education, Public Administration, Retail, Professional Services and Travel.  We have a particular strength in helping “no choice” environments see the value in improving customer service.

We have a unique methodology for monitoring the performance of contact centres using test calls, email monitoring or mystery shopping. We regularly review the response of more than 150 Australian entities in this manner, using our own in-house Field and Data Management Teams.

CSBA follows all Australian Market and Social Research Society of Australia’s (AMSRS) guidelines in conducting studies. We also adhere to the ESOMAR Policy on Mystery Shopping and are registered with the AusContact Association.

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Our Team

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Our team is comprised of highly skilled and passionate customer experience professionals. With extensive expertise in developing research programs, data collection, data analysis and consulting, our experience spans a broad range of industry sectors.

  • Kiri Thom, Recruitment, Learning and Development Coordinator
  • Mavis Zhang, Research Analyst
  • Inder Lamba, Director, Customer Experience
  • Bhavya Garg, Research Manager
  • Vivian Hoang, Operations Manager - Quality Assurance Team
  • Dylan McGann, Data Scientist
  • Paul van Veenendaal, Managing Director
  • Robyn Reilly, Director - Business Improvement
  • Paula Giles, Director - Business Consulting
  • Michelle O'Donoghue, CX Director
  • Janine Mitchell, Consultant
  • Pier Dartnell, Consultant
  • Sam Monteath, Senior CX Consultant
  • Lani Suwandi, Research Manager
  • Vibeke Johansen, Research Manager
  • Ann Gedye, CX Consultant
  • Paul Ulloa, CX Consultant
  • Cristina Ainsworth, Executive Assistant & Office Manager
  • Narelle Warburton, General Manager – QA and Training Portfolio

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CSBA is a vital contributor to the research landscape in Australia.  We pioneered the Mystery Shopper concept and we have helped hundreds of companies to improve their customers’ experiences.  With the fast pace of change that the digital revolution is driving, we seek individuals who are agile, have a bias for action and are willing to build and try new things.  We respectfully challenge our customers if we think they are tolerating an imperfect customer experience from their teams.  So we need people who are resilient, credible and visionary.

Apart from the interesting work we do there are many benefits of working here:

  • Individuals get a day of paid leave to celebrate their birthday however they like (How cool is that?)
  • We celebrate hump day with communal baking (Yum)
  • Our working practises acknowledge the modern reality that people crave work life balance – so we are flexible (but it goes both ways)
  • We are in the city and close to all forms of public transport.
  • We commit to social causes that our staff care about;
    • we host work inspiration sessions for troubled teens through The Smith Family
    • we support the Cancer Councils World’s Biggest Morning Tea (see baking fetish above in point 3)
  • Our structure allows for personal growth and development no matter what your preference; you don’t need to manage people or revenue to still be able to progress your career.
  • We care what our people think and how they feel, this is a 360 feedback rich environment.
  • We focus on making sure you have the skills to be successful in future endeavours (future job employability) eg companies seek out employees that have CSBA on their CV.
  • We work with some of the best and biggest companies in Australia.

We have a range of jobs available and would love to hear from you.

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Tim Franey, Service Manager, Customer Contact Centre / Parramatta City Council

“We have worked closely with CSBA for several years conducting a range of customer service measurement programs including ongoing mystery shopping & benchmarking,  customer satisfaction and web assessment. The quarterly mystery shopping benchmarking program is a critical tool in measuring the service delivery via our Contact Centre on an ongoing basis, providing an independent, robust and cost effective indicator of performance. In addition to the quarterly results, we receive detailed reports with ratings for individual assessments and call recordings. These tools provide our Team Leaders with a clear understanding of current performance gaps and direction on coaching and development requirements, enabling a targeted and responsive approach to addressing service improvement. During the time of conducting the mystery shopping program, we have increased the  engagement and service commitment among frontline staff; CSBA results are eagerly anticipated by the frontline and Executive Team, achievements are recognised and celebrated and improvement opportunities are enthusiastically embraced.  The combination of ongoing measurement and responsive decision making has seen the standard of service delivery improve significantly and we now regularly occupy a top 10 place in CSBA’s council sector ranking. The CSBA mystery shopping program has proven to be a highly valuable tool, directly influencing the quality & consistency of our Council’s customer service.”

Margaret Le, Service Manager, Manager Customer Service & Information Support / Hurstville City Council

“We conducted the first mystery shopping & benchmarking program with CSBA in 2013 assessing the standard of service delivery across several council departments and channels. The results provided an independent and robust view of performance and revealed a number of inconsistencies and areas for improvement. Following this, we were able to develop a range of initiatives to assist individual departments with achieving service improvement such as targeted coaching and the introduction of greeting scripts for face to face enquiries. We recently conducted a follow up mystery shopping program, expanding the scope to cover 14 council departments and three communication channels. The results demonstrated we have made solid improvement in many areas since the previous program was conducted but also identified the need for greater consistency and targeted training to build our service competencies. CSBA has been instrumental in helping us to scope out a program that would meet our requirements and yield maximum value. In addition, the insights and advice provided following the delivery of the report has been highly beneficial and assisted with gaining buy in at all level of the organisation. This is a cost-effective and credible way to measure Council’s customer service performance and understand what is required to deliver efficiencies and improvement to the service commitment.”

Manager, Student Service Centre / University
“We have been working with CSBA on a continuous improvement program benchmarking a range of touchpoints centrally and across the university. Also, we have worked with CSBA to develop a Service Commitment and Protocols to help staff identify what is important to offer to customers, and to offer service consistently.”

Manager, Student and Academic Services / University
“We have been working with CSBA since 2007, using both the ATEM program as a cost effective way to measure our Student Admin Centres and also a more detailed and regular program for our Contact Centre component of service. CSBA provide the valuable insights and granularity we need to make direct improvements across both our University’s email and phone touchpoints.”

Director, Student Services / University
“We involve CSBA at many levels – in training, consultancy dashboards, Service Commitments, Protocols, internal and external services and benchmarking across touchpoints. They have an increasing understanding of the complexity of the service we provide and give us the detailed practical help we need to make improvements.”

Manager Customer Relations / Water Utility
“Thank you so much for your time yesterday. The feedback on the session has all been positive so far.
I believe that the wrap up at the end was really worthwhile – rather than walk out of the room and back to our desks like we normally do, everyone had to reflect on the day and think about what changes they could implement in their day to day work. I know I often walk away from a workshop like this one and think about how these discussions can help me outside the work environment as well as my at work experiences.
Thank you for a great day.”

Customer Service Manager / Major Telco
“Paul’s organisation has been innovative, flexible and responsive to our needs. Through use of his dynamic customer service benchmarking models we have been able to fine tune our service response and provide even better customer service to our clients. I would recommend CSBA to anyone wanting to improve customer service in their organisation by comparing their performance with industry competitors.”

Manager Call Centre / Local City Council
“The Quality Assurance Program run by CSBA has proven to be a very powerful tool in driving an improvement in the quality of service experienced by our customers. What I have found extremely beneficial is the flexible approach from Paul and his team at CSBA to ensure that the program is tailored to our needs. This has ensured that our monthly reports are delivered in a timely manner and carry information that identifies improvement opportunities and/or celebrates our successes.
CSBA enables us to benchmark our services with other Councils and other industry leaders. This has provided us with the unique ability to be able to clearly demonstrate to our elected body and our Community that the Council provides outstanding customer experiences.
The information we receive through the Quality Assurance Program run by CSBA has directly contributed to our success in being recognised as an industry leader in service quality, culminating in our recent success in being awarded the SA Local Government Association Service Quality Network Customer Centre Team of the Year.”

Customer Service Manager / Bank
“What is critical to the bank is making sure that our vision is translated into action and performance. The work carried out by CSBA allows us to really test, on a continuous and independent basis, how the vision is translated both across the channel and across centres. We then use the CSBA information to train and coach our contact centre teams. This work has had significant impact on our ability to improve our performance.”

Chief Customer Service Officer / Local City Council  
“The CSBA experience, must be described as just that, an experience. From the initial meeting where objective and goal parameters were established, to the final presentation of the report, the experience was profoundly different to traditional customer experience surveys.
The reportable outcomes provided our business with definitive insights, that provided us with the propensity to demonstrably increase our customer satisfaction and revenue performance. Our business embraced the learnings provided by the experience and as a result, our customer service proposition is performing at unprecedented levels.”

Customer Experience Manager / Energy Company
“CSBA enables our contact centre teams to really focus on quality customer service in a highly competitive environment.”

Chief Customer Service Officer / Water Utility
“The CSBA mystery shopping product is a key element of the Call Centre continuous improvement strategy. It provides us with a valuable reporting and decision-making tool and is a key driver of the significant and sustained improvement in the call centre’s performance in the past two years.
CSBA results are eagerly anticipated by the Call Centre Team and achievements are recognised and celebrated and improvement opportunities are enthusiastically embraced and monitored.
The CSBA mystery shopping product makes a valuable contribution to Call Centre and has directly influenced the quality of our customer service.”

Strategy and Benchmarking Manager Customer Solutions / Leading Wealth Management Business
“We have worked with CSBA for several years and they have always been flexible in adapting to our changing needs. As a customer centric contact centre we rely on CSBA to provide the ‘voice of the customer’, which we use to measure performance levels for our frontline staff and help us prioritise projects and suggest ideas for continuous improvement.
CSBA provide qualitative and quantitative data on key drivers of satisfaction and how customers perceive our service. This has helped us win a number of State and National customer service awards and continues to help us be an industry service leader.”

Coordinator for Customer Services/ Local City Council
“At the City, we are passionate about the work we do and it’s been our goal to improves our customers’ experience for the community. Over the last few years we have worked closely with CSBA and they have been pivotal in providing us with a total customer service improvement program including benchmarking, training and guidelines and process development. The program has been critical to understanding, measuring and improving our results.”

Customer Service Manager / Entertainment Industry
“We have been using CSBA for three years to provide information on our customer service delivery performance. We have found the service to be extremely valuable in pointing out improvement opportunities, and assisting us to reach benchmark standard in our customer interaction.”

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