CMT Local Government Customer Satisfaction Syndicated Program

Recent government pressures has meant that there is now more pressure than ever to demonstrate service improvement and increasing value.

In order to understand what to focus on and where to prioritise, over 20 councils across Australia have subscribed to the CSBA CMT measurement program for Local Government.  The program provides real customer feedback on what is important, where to focus attention and where to get information on who is doing it better.

Three key measures that drive value and the strategy for Councils are:

  • Overall satisfaction with the entire experienceHow satisfied were you with the entire experience with the council?
  • First Call ResolutionHow many phone calls/ contacts did you make?
  • Ease of Doing Business – How easy was it to have your query resolved?

Find out if you have the right measures in place to develop a customer experience strategy with a clear focus on ease of doing business by participating in the next CMT program commencing in March 2018.


For further information please contact Ann Gedye on 03 9605 4900.


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