CSBA recognise the importance of training and professional development in the workplace. Our events are held Australia wide, across all industries and encompass specialised training, seminars and workshops in customer service and satisfaction, for customer service professionals.

CSBA FEAL Superannuation Customer Experience / NPS Benchmarking

20% of Superannuation customers are considering switching away from their fund, with poor customer experience among the top reasons members want to leave their fund.

Recent CSBA research showed that 20% of Members indicate some likelihood of changing funds in the next year, with the top reasons:

  • seeking better financial performance
  • changing jobs, or wanting to consolidate their super into another fund
  • looking for a better customer experience.

With Customer Experience (CX) a key factor that funds have complete control over, it makes sense to invest in understanding how your fund performs and where the opportunities to improve exist.

 The insight you need to improve Customer Experience and Retention

  • Each year CSBA interviews more than 12,000 Superannuation fund Members and Employers, to independently assess and benchmark customer experience across the industry. All superannuation funds are welcome to participate in this program.
  • CSBA also provide tailored research and consulting services to funds to measure and improve Customer Experience.

Over 40 funds have participated in the Superannuation CX / NPS Benchmarking program (conducted with FEAL and Melbourne Business School) over the past 10 years, with funds consistently rating the program highly.

Program overview

Program registration – 2018-19

For enquiries, please contact David Laffin, Research Director Financial Services and Superannuation, at david.laffin@csba.com.au or 03 9605 4921.

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WA Auscontact – Customer Journey Mapping # Mapping results into action & tools

Add to Calendar 14/03/18 09.30am 14/03/18 12.45pm 89 WA Auscontact - Customer Journey Mapping # what you need to know # Mapping results into action & tools Main Roads Western Australia Don Aitken Centre, Waterloo Cres, East Perth WA 6004 CSBA info@csba.com.au DD/MM/YYYY


In recent years there has been a lot of talk around Customer Journey Mapping.  It is becoming a very important program for anyone thinking around how they can understand and improve the customer experience when dealing with an organisation.

In this workshop we will have the team from CSBA provide us with an overview of Customer Journey Mapping.  Robyn Reilly, from CSBA, has been conducting Customer Journey Mapping projects for Clients for over 6 years.  The Journey mapping has been in in both public and private sector.

Customer Journey Mapping – A practical overview of what Customer Journey Mapping is and what it is not.  How to conduct and tools and tips for a successful program.

For further information please contact paul.vanveenendaal@csba.com.au on 03 9605 4900.

You can also visit Auscontact Association – Events.


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CMT Local Government Customer Satisfaction Syndicated Program

Common Measurement Tool (CMT) is a syndicated research program designed to collect feedback relating to service for any level of government and can be conducted across all channels of service delivery.

Recent government pressures has meant that there is now more pressure than ever to demonstrate service improvement and increasing value.

In order to understand what to focus on and where to prioritise, over 20 councils across Australia have subscribed to the CSBA CMT measurement program for Local Government.  The program provides real customer feedback on what is important, where to focus attention and where to get information on who is doing it better.

Three key measures that drive value and the strategy for Councils are:

  • Overall satisfaction with the entire experienceHow satisfied were you with the entire experience with the council?
  • First Call ResolutionHow many phone calls/ contacts did you make?
  • Ease of Doing Business – How easy was it to have your query resolved?

Find out if you have the right measures in place to develop a customer experience strategy with a clear focus on ease of doing business by participating in the next CMT program commencing in March 2018.


For further information please contact Ann Gedye on 03 9605 4900.


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Australian Local Government Customer Experience Quality Assurance Program

With customer service reported on to ratepayers on a regular basis, independent benchmarking and rigourous improvement are a key part of any successful local government service program. CSBA has been measuring, reporting on and recommending improvements to customer service for more than 250 organisations over the past 20 years.

CSBA has designed a program tailored for Local Government municipalities across Australia.  SenseCX is the most comprehensive quality assurance program you will find to obtain objective insights regarding the Customer Experience delivered across Council.

With a deep focus on front line and department customer service and how it relates to customer satisfaction and loyalty for more than twenty years, CSBA has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share with CX teams in Local Government.

To obtain actionable real time, practical, objective data upon which you can make decisions regarding training, Channel strategy, Knowledge Management and Workforce optimisation initiative – you need SenseCX.

Benefits of the program include:

  • You get an objective measure your current CX performance relative to the most contemporary customer expectations
  • You get the ability to measure across all customer touchpoints and assess consistency
  • You get the data fast, when you need it and can customise the reporting to suit your exact needs
  • You get actionable results to drive speedy improvement
  • We can provide training specific to your needs that helps your agents to perform better quickly
  • Our benchmarks allow you to measure how you perform against your peers and other sectors
  • You can centralise all of your Quality Assurance data in a single place using aligned measures across teams
  • You have the data you need at your fingertips during annual performance discussions and personal development planning

Please click to here to download a copy of the registration form or here to register online.

For a more detailed prospectus and sample reporting click here.

If you have any questions, regarding the program, please contact CX Consultant , Local Government, Ann Gedye.


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CSBA Federation Housing Benchmarking Program

CSBA have a proven record of success in this field, employing unique and effective methodologies while staying firmly aligned with the values and aspirations of their clients.

What is included in The Federation Benchmarking program?

  • Detailed report about your customer service performance
  • Comparative analysis within the Housing Provider sector
  • Recommendations to improve customer service

We greatly look forward to engaging all Housing Associations with CSBA’s program and achieving positive and sustainable improvements.

“Over recent years, FACS Housing has worked closely with CSBA to improve customer experience for FACS Housing tenants. When FACS Housing and CSBA presented a case study on business improvements from our CSBA Service Quality Benchmarking program at the National Housing Conference, we set a challenging goal to involve our customers (tenants) in future service quality assessments. FACS Housing and CSBA then set about designing an innovative program which involved CSBA recruiting, training and employing tenants to provide feedback on their experience during interactions with FACS Housing. David and the CSBA team were highly committed and flexible in developing and implementing the program, which provided FACS Housing with unique insights into tenant experience and perceptions about FACS Housing. We look forward to conducting similar customer experience improvement programs with CSBA in the future.”

Director, Customer Service and Business Improvement and Housing Connect, NSW Department of Family & Community Services, Housing Services

For further information please contact David Laffin, Research Director on 03 9605 4900 or download further information here.

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